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As a native to Brooklyn, NY Carla was able to both see and experience the shift in a city that once prided itself on being a leader in education reform. At the age of 12, she moved to Cape Cod, MA where she was able to receive an entirely new form of instruction - but the realization that she had only inherited an education that many in the areas near her hometown would likely have to fight to receive, struck her. Understanding the political and social orders that kept these systems in place, engrossed her from that point on.


Carla moved on to West Virginia University, where her unique and comprehensive Child Development & Family and Youth Studies Bachelor’s program began to prepare her for her many roles; she has been a lead teacher, supported in both general and special education classrooms, and worked in adult education and admissions advising. The work she held most closely to her heart in these roles, however, was advocating for the students most impacted by the inequalities in our education system.


Today, Carla is dedicated to not only unveiling the systems and organizations that continue to widen our nation’s achievement gaps, but also becoming an integral part of the education reform efforts being made to counteract them. She is at her best when she is building community and resources for the students and families who both want and deserve them.

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