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Pods make it possible: A return to safe learning through small groups

Children and families across Colorado are thriving thanks to small group learning - often called “education pods,” but not every child is being given this opportunity. We need you to ACT NOW and urge Denver Public Schools officials to provide resources so families can access pods for their children. 


Please sign the petition to add your voice to our collective action.

Pods Giving Safety, Hope and an Excellent Education 

In places like Adams 12 school district and in community centers throughout Denver, children are thriving in education pods. Pods are small groups of students who meet together with a licensed instructor that helps guide them through their virtual learning. This can be facilitated by the school or at approved non-profits and community centers. Parents are re-thinking what education can look like and enhancing the education their children receive in public school. 

Pods are safer for teachers and families, because of the interaction with only a limited number of people. Children receive the socialization and guidance they need, while parents are not forced to choose between gainful employment and their child’s education at home.

However, not all school districts have created this option and pods in non-school settings can be costly for families to access. All families deserve options that can work for their children.

Read more in depth about pods.

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