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Great Schools NOW in Adams 14

As Adams 14 goes before the State Board of Education in their 8th year of the accountability clock, students, community leaders and parents are demanding urgent action from those responsible for the education of our children. We hope that intervention from the State Board results in immediate and actionable change for students. There are levers that we know turn districts around- including more teacher evaluation and coaching, adding more high quality choices and building systems of accountability.

Our parents are becoming stronger and stronger voices in the room, speaking up about the need to cultivate high quality teachers, understanding that other districts have accountability systems and most importantly, realizing that the schools that they are not satisfied with do not have to be their only option. Our parent leaders have been advocating for the opening of KIPP Commerce City- we know that if this school could open, they could collaborate with the district to improve all schools. Unfortunately, efforts by the local and state teachers unions to maintain the status quo will likely result in the District School Board voting no on the KIPP application at their November 13 board meeting- a clear example of the adults in Adams 14 putting politics before kids.

TEN has watched KIPP engage deeply with families over the past year, listening closely to parent experiences and learning from what parents want in their schools. In fact, they heard parents desire to have a bilingual program and are building a program to meet those desires. The dynamic throughout this application process has been disheartening but has also helped us identify those who are interested in maintaining a status quo that they have been comfortable in for a long time.

As we watch local politics and backdoor dealing get in the way of what is best for kids, we can’t help but ask what the role of the state is in accountability. How can the State hold leaders accountable for a lack of student outcomes? The Adams 14 School District has been on the accountability clock for 8 years and let’s be real about one thing- that would never happen if this was an affluent, white district.

We will be watching closely as those adults- whose responsibility it is to educate our children- make decisions on critical issues that could change the trajectory of students in the Adams 14 school district.

Join us in asking the Adams 14 Board of Education to vote YES on the KIPP Application on November 13- a move that would add additional high quality seats to the struggling district and change things for students immediately. Our students can’t wait another year for great schools. Email the Adams 14 Board of Education:

Join us in asking the State Board to take urgent actions to increase accountability for student outcomes on November 14. Email the State Board of Education (must email by 11/12):


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