How To Keep Your Child's Spirits High While At Home

We know that in a time of uncertainty things can feel a little crazy, but one thing that can make a difference in the health and well-being of your family is to make the unpredictable feel normal. We know that as schools continue to evaluate what’s next, families are worried about their children having rich learning opportunities. We urge families to utilize this list of resources that can help provide opportunities to continue learning in this time of uncertainty, and don't forget the majority of learning in a child’s day happens outside of the classroom. Every day, and every moment, is an opportunity for you to be your child’s best teacher and help them experience something new.


Not having a routine can lead to chaos! Create set routines for both you and your child. Naptime, storytime, mealtime, and any other regular activities are great ways to build a foundation around a happy and comfortable day.


Staying cooped up in your home all day can be tiresome. Take 30-minutes out of your day to walk around the neighborhood or go to the park with your child. Stop and stare at the clouds or let them climb a tree. Fresh air, sunlight, and nature are great for the soul!