Parent View: Our Vision for DPS

Hello, my name is Natalene, I am a TEN parent leader and TEN Board member. I have been learning about parent leadership for the last three years with Ariel and Nicholas,

I have learned to uplift my own voice and advocate for systems to change for my children. We want to be included in conversations about our district and our schools.

I am here today because I want to see the new superintendent rise to the occasion and spend time listening to parents like me. Our stories are all different, our choices are all different, but our motivation is all the same- we want our babies to enter the world ready to take it on. This year, DPS is facing a decision about whether or not they want a new vision for our district. This new vision does not need to be a deviation from what we are doing- it could be an evolution.

Right now, 37% of our high schoolers in Denver Public Schools are meeting college ready benchmarks. The school that my daughter goes to has 67% of their students meeting college ready benchmarks- even if that is something to celebrate- not all children in this district are in