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Pods make it possible to resume safe in person learning.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Building district supported pods could be the solution we have all been waiting for.

Since March, parents have been faced with the incredible task of supporting their learners during a global pandemic. It has been challenging- but parents don't have time to wait for someone else to come up with a solution. So many have come up with them on their own. One of the solutions we are seeing working? Building small group learning environments (aka pods) where small groups of students are supported by an adult and able to safely enjoy the company of their peers during the day.

Many families in the United States, and in particular in Adams County, have access to an alternative that solves the crisis of the moment and helps maintain the hope we have for our children. They are thriving, and our leaders in Denver Public Schools can do the same thing for our children.

Small group learning, sometimes called “education pods,” brings small groups of students together with an instructor that helps guide them through their virtual learning. This can be facilitated by the school or at approved non-profits and community centers. Parents are re-thinking what education can look like and enhancing the education their children receive in public school.

Pods are safer for teachers and families, because of the interaction with only a limited number of people. Children receive the socialization and guidance they need, while parents are not forced to choose between employment and their child’s education at home.

This is not just an interesting idea. We have the resources and the knowledge to do this immediately for students in Denver Public Schools.

The school district should take two steps immediately:

  • Model Adams 12 school district and segment students into pods with an assigned instructor

  • Provide grants to families and non-profits who can stand up pods quickly and independently of the school district, but which guide DPS students through their learning

In a moment of urgency, we need all options on the table. We need to work together.

Sign our petition so that school officials can see that parents want solutions that include resuming a safe in person option.


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