Resist and Persist: The Courage of Marie Greenwood

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

There are some people who accept the world for what it is and there are others who strive to make it better. Marie Greenwood has always resisted the status quo and put herself at the center of a fight for educational equity and excellence in Denver. As the first Black educator to be hired after integration, Marie taught students and community that when you resist, and then you persist, you can challenge unequal systems. Today would have been her 107th birthday and her fight for equity feels more important than ever.

“Aim for the stars and at least you’ll hit the treetops,” Marie Greenwood once said, recalling her college years. This was more than true for Greenwood who devoted her life to fighting systematic oppression and racism in Denver Public Schools

It was this tenacity that followed her through her life and career. Greenwood took her father’s advice, consistently remind