What's Next in Adams 14?

A year ago next month, parent leaders from multiple districts testified in support of HB18-1355, a bill that aimed to hold school districts accountable for chronic underperformance. The parents were desperate for solution, after many failed organizing attempts to convince the district school boards to initiate needed changes and build systems of accountability. Parents had hope that the State Board could finally provide the interventions needed in order for their children to have a better school system to thrive in.

After the passing of 1355, Adams 14 parents and community members organized to demand that the State take action and intervene in Adams 14-Parents were insistent upon urgency, because everyday, their children are the ones stuck in the schools that we are having philosophical debates about improving.

Our team hosted a protest outside of the State Board of Education, testified asking for intervention and submitted over 70 testimonies from community about the failures of the current system. We were proud of the State Board’s leadership as they set a precedent around district’s being accountable for student outcomes moving forward.