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My Teacher and School Community

  • My child’s teacher updates me on my child’s progress regularly by writing monthly on my student’s progress relative to standards/grade-level expectations. 

  • The staff at my child’s school is diverse.

  • I know that the staff at my child’s school is evaluated and coached regularly.

  •  The staff at my school makes an effort to engage the community.

  • The school has a public plan to keep quality teachers.

  • I am informed of the type of ongoing training and support my teachers and school staff receive.

  • Teachers at my school have the opportunity to expand learning into a culturally relevant curriculum. 

  • There are systems/structures at my school to create innovative approaches to achieve higher rates of  proficiency and growth, 

  • There are simple and effective communication methods between the school and parents so I always know what is happening at my school.

  • I know that great teachers are staying at my school year after year.

  • I know the academic goals of my student, my student’s grade level and entire school; and parents are updated on progress towards goals throughout the year.

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