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My School Culture

  • My school has values that students can tell you about. 

  • My school creates a safe environment for all students including the number of students in a single class.

  • The staff at my school has ongoing training on how to be supportive of all students from all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. 

  • My school manages student behavior that prioritizes learning and youth development.

  • My school has high expectations and high support for all students. 

  • My school has a pathway for parents to be leaders in the school community.

  • School staff prioritizes building relationships with families.

  • Parents play a role in the hiring process for teachers, leaders, and staff.

  • Social-emotional learning is proactive and is based on youth development principles.

  • Teachers are supported by classroom management through a variety of youth development tools/training.

  • School culture supports and enforces high personal and academic expectations but is not punitive.

  • Parents are viewed as partners with the opportunity for ownership and leadership in school decisions.

  • The culture of the students, families, staff, and community is visible and celebrated.

  • School culture emphasizes and develops self-advocacy. 

  • Schools recognize the context of the community and take steps to provide supports for staff to ensure implicit/explicit biases are addressed

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