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My School's Instruction & Program

  • My school is assessing and providing necessary interventions to ensure my student is on grade level and making progress. 

  • My school is making the necessary student growth for students to advance to the next grade, on grade level. 

  • My school has quality programming to support students who speak English as a second language, students in special education and students identified as gifted and talented.

  • My school communicates what my child is learning and their progress regularly outside of parent-teacher conferences.

  • My school has a way to track student progress throughout the year in reading, writing, math, and science so that I can assure that my students are meeting grade-level expectations. 

  • My school invites parents to participate in classroom activities. 

  • My student is receiving the support that they need to be successful in the classroom including any required services. 

  • My school’s curriculum reflects the diversity of the community and incorporates multiple perspectives of multiple cultures.

  • My school offers a variety of unique program opportunities for students to participate in.

  • My school supports all learners through rigorous classwork and multiple systems of support to ensure all students achieve.

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