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Nicholas Martinez 


Nicholas worked as a community organizer at DSST Public Schools, the highest performing network of schools in Denver.  As an organizer he helped to elevate parent voice and experience to demand change.  Before organizing with DSST, Nicholas spent 4 years teaching middle school history in Southwest Denver, where he formed deep bonds with his students and the families he served.

Colorado at Boulder where he worked to ensure access and support to low income students and students of color with the Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity.  It was during his time with SORCE that he became conscious of the intentional and systemic educational inequality that ensures that marginalized communities are denied opportunity.  Shaped by his own educational experiences and through the stories of the families he has served, Nicholas is committed to fighting alongside communities to create a more just education system for all, because all kids deserve a life of opportunities. 


Anita Banuelos


Anita was born and raised in Denver, Colorado–primarily in Southwest Denver–the youngest of three to an immigrant father and a fourth generation Coloradoan. After graduating from Denver Public Schools, Anita went on to attend Metropolitan State University of Denver (Metro State), graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management and Minor in International Business, becoming the first in her family to obtain a degree. 

After graduation, Anita worked at the second-largest radiology group to help families understand the medical services well supporting radiologists. She also volunteered her time to help elect Michael B. Hancock as Denver mayor in 2011, and worked for his re-election campaign in 2015. 

After the election, she worked for Fortune 500 Company Davita Dialysis, as well as volunteered her time with Denver Public Schools Southwest Community for Quality Education to give recommendations to the Denver Public School Board, and continues to advocate for quality education in Southwest Denver  Anita worked for six years with Denver City Council District 7 Office, and during her time there, she was able to bring back the College View Recreation Center, help open the Youth Empowerment Building and sit on the Denver Police Chief Community Advisory Board. 

After spending time working on the Youth Empowerment Building and their youth advisory board, Anita wanted to get back into education and advocate for change, advocating for families to participate in their childrens’ education. 

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