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TEN is excited to launch the 2nd cohort of Parents Lead. Parents Lead is a leadership development fellowship for parents to begin using their expertise to build community power to support and engage with our schools.  The fellowship is a 12 week, bi-monthly program to enhance and build parent power to ensure that all kids have access to a great school. We provide interpretation and childcare for all sessions. If you are interested in learning how to elevate your own leadership, email

There is nothing more powerful than the love of a parent for their child. Here at TEN, we believe that every parent is capable of incredible things, especially when they are motivated by their kids. As former teachers, we know that there is no more valuable ally to an educator than a well-informed parent.  That is true for school communities as well. Parents have the ability to impact the learning and success of not just their own child, but of all children in the school by being informed and active in the decision making that happens in their schools. You are the expert in your child’s education and our schools need your perspective. Your kids need you to be that expert and support their teachers and schools in providing for their needs.

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