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In order to ensure that every student has access to a high-quality school that prepares them for a lifetime of opportunity, we must build commonly agreed upon, community-driven expectations for our schools. 


This rubric was built through a series of consultations with community leaders, parents from pre-K,  elementary, middle, high school across all regions in Denver. In summer 2018, we had over 100 1:1 conversations with Denver families, where we asked a series of normed questions to identify common values around quality. We then took those responses and aligned them with the nationally recognized Denver Public Schools School Quality Rubric, the rubric that DPS uses during their Call for New Quality Schools. We identified areas of alignment between what we heard in the community and the research-based practices in the School Quality Framework and, with the help of incredible parent leaders and thought partners, we created a parent version of the School Quality Framework. The TEN Parent Leader Council, a council of parent leaders from across the city, gave the final round of feedback on April 21, 2019. We then presented the rubric to the Denver Public Schools Office of Portfolio Management to ensure that we included all the quality measures that they look for when accessing quality programming as experts. Below is the TEN Great Schools Framework, A framework built to empower parents to know what common expectations that we all must have for our schools. We see parents as the leaders of improving our schools and we know that setting community-wide expectations are essential to that empowerment. 


We believe that all children are brilliant and that we must build systems to adequately nurture that brilliance. Below is our community designed framework meant to set a baseline for our expectations of our schools.

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