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Long, Joyful Days of Summer Ahead

As we move toward the last day of school in an unprecedented year, we know families are feeling a sense of urgency to ensure that their learners are prepared for the next grade level. In fact, in our most recent parent survey, we found that half of all parents feel like their child may not be ready to attend the next grade next school year. As we approach summer, we want to set parents up for success. We hope that this summer is a time for parents to find joy with their kids and discover new things through curious and consistent learning. Let’s lean into the fact that learning happens everywhere.


TEN believes that every child should have access to extracurricular activities, tutoring programs and clubs. We are partnering with ReSchool Colorado to launch Summer Learning Dollars for families. ReSchool also has a new search tool to find summer programs that you should also check out. Long-term, we believe that every child should be given the resources they need to access learning opportunities outside of school. That is why TEN, alongside many of our respected partners, is supporting proposed Initiative 25, which would generate funding for a program providing access to resources for Colorado children to join sports teams, attend art classes, engage in academic tutoring, or take a college prep class. It would create new opportunities for kids across the state and we hope you will join us in supporting.


TEN is hosting a literacy clinic in partnership with Teach for America and Gary Community Foundation for families who want to check in on their students reading on May 22. Sign up here. Denver Public Libraries are back open and checking out books too! Some even have story time back up and running.


TEN is proud to support HB 1234 that creates high-impact tutoring programs for students who may need help catching up. We know that when a student has access to high-quality, consistent, small-group tutoring, they have made significant progress catching up.


Yikes, this past school year was a lot to process. It’s important to take a step back and take a breath. It is important to debrief with your family and ensure that everyone has the help that they need as they process the past and set goals for the future. If you want to join a conversation about mental health and schools, please attend our community meeting on Wednesday May 5 at 4 pm.

As the long days of summer approach, we hope that you take some time to breathe, to rediscover and to continue to support our brilliant children.

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