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TEN Teachers

This week, TEN is happy to highlight the incredible teaching work of Anataly Uribe and Valentina León, who have been nominated by their peers as a part of TEN Teachers. We have received an overwhelming amount of nominations of incredible teachers across Denver! Read more about this week's teacher nominees below, and follow along as we continue to highlight teachers across Denver! To nominate a TEN Teacher, fill out this form!

Anataly Uribe

Anataly Uribe is currently a bilingual kindergarten teacher at McGlone Academy, a DPS school in the McGlone community. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned both her B.A in International Affairs and an M.A degree in Bilingual Education. One thing she loves about teaching is greeting her students and families in the morning and seeing how much joy this brings to them! 

"Anataly is a bilingual (Spanish and English) teacher in the community of Montbello directly serving marginalized students and families in Denver. Anataly's classroom is a community and the engagement from her families during remote learning only confirms how dedicated her families are to education and how dedicated she is to her families. Anataly communicates with students and families on a daily basis. She walks families through online platforms and is available for support to ensure that her students are successful during this difficult time. This video highlights the work Anataly does, in her own words." - Valeria Contreras - McGlone Academy

Valentina León

Valentina León is a yoga enthusiast, and movie and popcorn lover. She grew up in Caracas then spent 10 years in Miami. She loves the outdoors and mountain culture that Colorado has to offer, which she enjoys with her husband and two kids. She is a second-grade teacher at Denver Language School and tries to incorporate collaboration and teamwork into everyday routines to create an environment for students to feel part of a community. She has learned a lot from her students in her 10 years of teaching and loves how every child teaches her something unique that helps her become a better teacher. After completing her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, her goal is to focus on social-emotional development and be able to create the best learning environment for her students so they can be successful both academically and socially.

"Valentina has gone above and beyond to meet her student's academic and socio-emotional needs during remote learning. She is a model for teacher collaboration during this time, as she and her 2nd-grade partner co-plan all of their lessons, and created great model examples with one being the teacher and one the student early on during remote learning. It was a great model for fellow DLS teachers and students to see. She also conducted a mini 'welcome to remote learning' parent info session on day 1 for all of her families. She has done all of this while managing her children at home and continues to have an awesome, positive attitude. I am so impressed with Valentina!" - Annie Trujillo - Denver Language School


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