TEN Parent Slack Community

In an effort to stay connected during this period of isolation, and in an effort to build a collaborative environment for families to share ideas and resources, we have built a TEN Parent Slack Channel. We have channels for you to collaborate with teachers and for you to learn about ways to support your child’s well-being during a stressful time. We are such a strong community of parent leaders here at TEN, it inspires us every day. We are excited for you to continue that community online.


Do you need a computer for your family to participate?

You can download the app so that you have it on your phone here or you can use Slack on your computer by accessing the desktop version.

Learn how to use Slack


At TEN, we are inclusive and believe in celebrating identity. We have a moderator who is monitoring content to ensure that it uplifts our values of an inclusive community. This deeply includes a commitment to language justice, we are committed to translating resources and providing space for parents to collaborate in their language of preference.