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5 Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

It's Parent-Teacher Conference season.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are around the corner. This is an opportunity for you to check in on your child’s progress and learn about what they need to do to keep up or catch up for the rest of the year. Going into Parent-Teacher Conferences can be daunting if you are not prepared. Here are five questions that you should be asking your child’s teacher.

What grade level is my student reading, writing and doing math on?

Teachers should be using data to drive their instruction and you should know which tests and projects they are using to ensure that your student is making the progress that they need to move to the next grade level. If you want to assess how your student is doing at home, give them this at home check up.

What types of assignments should I be expecting to see my child working on at home?

You should know what your child’s learning goals are and what it looks like to accomplish them over the year. To learn more about learning goals for each grade, check out our 180 days of learning tool kit.

What topics should I be asking my child to discuss with me at home?

Talking about your child’s learning and asking them to reflect on their long term learning goals is important as they develop as owners of their own learning. Ask your child’s teacher to help you guide that conversation in the right direction.

What are my student's strengths and areas of growth?

Understanding what your child can lean into as a learner and where they need extra support is key to supporting them as a parent. This will also give you something to check in regularly about with your teacher moving forward.

Does my student require any individualized interventions to get them on track or help them keep up?

If your student is behind or is not being challenged enough, you should be asking the school what additional opportunities for success your student is being provided. Schools are required to provide testing to qualify students for Individualized Education Programming (IEP), 504 learning support plans and gifted and talented services. If you need help getting your student connected to these services, call us and we can help: 720-430-8756.


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