Parent View: Our Children Are Not Well

My name is Alexandra, I am a TEN parent leader, a former teacher and a trauma and wellness practitioner.

Everyday, our children enter school with some form of trauma from the world outside. I have watched repeatedly how my students struggled to remain on task or got excited about learning, because they were hurting. Our children are not well. Our world is hateful, it is cruel and it, for a third grader who is watching this all happen, our world is scary.

I wonder what our DPS schools are doing to actually think about how we support the whole child. I think we know that if our students feel safe, if they feel nurtured and calm in their schools, they are able to learn so much more. We know that the brain stops firing certain neurotransmitters when a person is under stress. Our children are under stress now more than ever before- threats of family separation, threats of violence from police, threats of inconsistency in their educational experiences. We have to figure out a way to better a